Hope for Hogar de Vida
Mission Team



“Homes of Life (Hogar de Vida in Spanish) is a Christian ministry in Latin America that exists to serve the needs of at risk children in Costa Rica and Guatemala by providing a nurturing and safe place to learn about God's love for them in Christ. If you're looking for a reputable organization where you can sponsor a child or where you can participate in life-changing mission trips, we hope you'll prayerfully consider Homes of Life, faithfully serving the child care needs of central America for over 20 years.” (homesoflife.org)



Over the last few years, God had been stirring a calling in the hearts of a few believers. The Lord brought people together and orchestrated the details of what became a scheduled mission trip to Hogar De Vida. In March of 2019, a team of 17 individuals - eight from Hope Church and nine from Resurrection Church - ventured to Hogar de Vida’s Costa Rica location to love on and serve the children in their care and assist with projects around the campus. The team also brought suitcases full of items donated from the congregation and community to help meet supply needs expressed by Hogar de Vida (children’s clothing, towels, health/medical supplies and more). The team facilitated several fundraisers leading up to this trip that not only raised dollars needed to cover their expenses, but also provided wonderful fellowship opportunities for the body of Christ to come together and grow closer. Please continue to pray for the individuals who were involved in this mission trip and the hearts they have touched.

2019 Team members from Hope Church & Resurrection Church

2019 Team members from Hope Church & Resurrection Church

2019 Team members fROM HOPE

Chad Beauchane
Grace Hagen
Chris Nolte
Amanda Nolte

Randy Nowacki
Tracy Nowacki
Paetyn Nowacki
Masen Nowacki


March 20th - March 27th (one week)