Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Sunday morning like at hope?

Sunday morning begins with pre-morning prayer in Pastor’s office. From September to May there is Sunday school for all ages including adults. Sunday school is followed by a brief time of refreshments, and then we gather in the sanctuary for corporate worship. Our services are often blended: Communion Sunday is more traditional with an emphasis on hymns, while other Sundays have a more contemporary music feel. The last Sunday of the month the elementary children lead us in worship music.

How do I learn more about becoming a member at Hope?

We do highly recommend that after a person becomes familiar with Hope EFCA and would like to become a member that they meet with Pastor. Membership Classes are offered annually for all those interested. That being said, there is no requirement that an individual becomes a member to participate in the ministry and functions of Hope.

How is Communion practiced at Hope, and who can PARTICIPATE?

We regularly practice communion at Hope, usually the first Sunday of the month. Our beliefs concerning communion are as a remembrance of Jesus Christ (see Statement of Faith for further details). Anyone who understands fully the life, death and resurrection of Christ can participate in the Lord’s Table.

How do i know when my child is ready to participate in communion (the Lord’s Table)?

Pastor will meet briefly with the family to walk through the beliefs and practices at church.

What is Hope’s view of the Bible with respect to preaching?

The preaching at Hope is biblical and aims at being ‘expositional’ - explaining the meaning and intent of Scripture in its context. We believe the Bible is the word of God and to be preached as such (see further the Statement of Faith).

What is Hope’s position on baptism?

The following document should help provide a better understanding of our position on baptism - Position Paper: Baptism.

What is Hope’s position on Marriage?

The following document should help provide a better understanding of our position on marriage - Position Paper: Marriage.